Molecular hydrogen or H2 is the smallest antioxidant in existence. It is so small, it can diffuse into the cell mitochondria or even the brain barrier. As such, it can enter into our brain and help neutralize free radicals. Other antioxidants such as vitamin C or vitamin E are very large molecules compare to Molecular hydrogen and need to go through your digestive tract, absorbed in your intestines, go through your blood, and enter into your cells before they can eliminate free radicals. As Molecular hydrogen is so small, It can penetrate directly through your stomach lining to begin neutralizing free radicals in almost all our body organs.

To illustrate this point, Prof. Dr. Hatana Gyazuki of Japan Shitama Univesrity carried out a comparison study between different type of fruits. The anti-oxidant level of the fruits were determined by measuring the beta carotene content.The illustration gave us an indication of how much of these fruits that we have to consume to give us the same level of antioxidant obtained from drinking only 1.5 liters of hydrogen water.

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)

When an iron rust, or a slice of apple turning brown, we are looking at examples of relatively slow oxidation. Oxidation involves an exchange of electrons between two atoms. The atom that loses an electron in the process is said to be “oxidized.” The one that gains an electron is said to be “reduced.” In picking up that extra electron, it loses the electrical energy that makes it “hungry” for more electrons.  Thus we get the term Oxidation (losing an electron) Reduction (gaining an electron) Potential. The potential of a given substance to take or give electrons is very important.  If you consistently drink water with a high positive ORP or Oxidation Reduction Potential, the water will have a tendency to steal electrons from the other atoms in your body, oxidizing your other atoms. 

Molecular Hydrogen as an antioxidant that is pure, odorless, tasteless, and has no side effect. It neutralizes free radicals to form water which is discharged through urine and sweat. As such there is no upper limit of use. As such, there is no toxicity to H2 because the by product of the free-radical neutralizing reaction is water.

Due to its strong and high anti-oxidant level coupled with its small size and special ability to diffuse  and penetrate at cellular level, Molecular Hydrogen H2, has become the Most essential and useful Antioxidant. 
 With these properties, hydrogen molecules  can easily and effortlessly
reach almost all our organs within minutes and reduce and neutralized harmful free radicals that is responsible for causing so many chronic diseases

Health conditions that will benefit from H2 are:

Aging (slows aging and helps rejuvenating cells)

Detoxification (remove toxins and improve body odour)
Absorption of nutrients and improved metabolism
Gastroenterological problems
Liver and kidney function
Dermatological problems (healing of wounds)
Immune system problems
Respiratory problems
Diabetes (improves HbAlc levels)
Cardiovascular problems ( stroke & heart attack)
Preventing formation of LDL (“bad cholesterol“)


Whether at work or play, old or young, healthy or unhealthy, Molecular Hydrogen offers everyone a wide range of health benefits. Most supplements have one mechanism of action; Molecular Hydrogen offers many. It has a very solid and growing body of science to back up its therapeutic benefits.

So if you’re keen in optimizing your health and well-being, enjoying more energy and better mental clarity and improving your athletic performance, then what are you waiting for? Give your body the ability to thrive naturally.