Mulife Hydrogen Water Flask



Mulife Flask For Health, Beauty and Vitality


  1. Plate
  • 2 layer Platinum Titanium Plates 
  • Membrane : Dupont’s membrane with platinum coating. 
  • Lifetime : Over 5 years based on 2 L/day
  • It is membrane system. Before using, the membrane should be wet enough. 
  • When storing the unit, keep some amount of water in the bottle to make the membrane moisturized.
  1. Battery 
  • Battery Capacity : 1600 mA (one cell) 
  • Recharging Time : 4 hours 
  • Can use 15 times based on 5 minute operation when fully charged. 
  • Can recharge total 500 times 
  • Lifetime : 5years based on 2L/day


  1. Recharging
  • When red lights on, it is time to recharge. 
  • When battery is fully discharged, any light does not turn on. It is time to recharge. 
  • During recharging, the unit can’t be used.
  1. Unit Operation
  • Operation time : 5 minutes. 
  • To unlock the unit first, press and hold the power button for 1.5 seconds. Then the unit is ready to work. To operate it, press the power button once, and it begins to make hydrogen water for 5 minutes. After 5 minute working, green light blink for seconds and turn out automatically. 
  • When pressing the power button during operation, it stops. 
  • When red light turn on, it is time to recharge. Even though red lights on, the unit can use additional 3~4 times.
  1. Gender Use

– The unit can use with a bottled water.

  • The gender to engage in the bottled water is built in the hydrogen water generation part. 
  • To make bottled water to hydrogen water, connect the bottled water with the hydrogen generation part, and press and hold the button for 1.5sec, and touch the button again. It make hydrogen water for 5min, and stop automatically.
  1. Filter information
  • Alkaline ball : Increase pH 
  • Tourmaline ball : Increase human cell activity and far-infrared ray 
  • Purification ball : Make water taste good 
  • Zeolite ball : Absorption heavy metal