Many research and studies had indicated that Molecular Hydrogen has positive effect on patients undergoing Chemotherapy. Studieshad shown that hydrogen water can reduce or mitigate the negative sides effects of Cisplatin, a kind of chemotherapy drug. Readers are recommended to read the original research papers for clearer undestanding.

Oxidative stress is widely recognized as being associated with a number of diseases, including type 2 diabetes. In studies conducted, treatment with H2 rich water was associated with significant improvements in lipid and glucose metabolism, suggesting that hydrogen-rich water may have a beneficial role in the prevention of type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.


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Studies had pointed to the potential for H2 combat and ameliorate all facets of cardiovascular disease, including the abilities to lower serum LDL, combat atherosclerosis, regulate hypertension, and reduce chronic inflammation.  A study on rats has shown potential for improved survival rates and neurological outcome after cardiac arrest, and other studies have demonstrated H2’s ability to attenuate the severity of strokes.

There are evidences to show that autistic children have a high level of oxidative stress such as those done by Dr S. Jill James, Woody R. McGinnis, MD and other medical experts. They have also discovered that autistic children have deficits in antioxidant capacity to counter the high level of oxidative stress in their body and hence a lower detoxification capacity.


Molecular hydrogen has been scientifically proven to have antioxidant properties that help to remove free radicals from your body that cause premature aging of your skin.  The first research paper on hydrogen as an effective antioxidant was published in 2007 in the famous medical journal, Nature Medicine titled Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals.

Current studies suggest that hydrogen (H2) water offers neuronal protection against the degradation of dopamine receptors associated with both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. H2 was also shown to be helpful in preventing DNA damage and lipid peroxidation. Lipid peroxidation is what occurs when free oxygen radicals steal electrons from fats in cell membranes leaving them damaged to the point of impenetrable to functioning enzymes.