HIZEN3+ is KYK’s premium range of hydrogen water generator. It is capable of generating clean and healthy alkaline water enriched with high concentration of dissolved hydrogen molecules (up to 1550 ppb*). It is capable of diffusion deep into our cells and neutralize free radicals which is responsible in causing chronic diseases.


Dimensions: 314(W)X425(H)X124(D)mm
Purifying filter voltage / frequency: AC220V, 60Hz 150VA
Weight: 5kg
Power consumption: 150VA

*Made in KOREA


  • Advanced aluminum hairline front panel
  • High performance ceramic valve system
  • Advanced special membrane electrolyze system
  • No ozone odor
  • Rich Minerals
  • Advance 3 filters system for clean and pleasant taste
  • Auto voice messages
  • Built-in filter chip for measuring capacity and life span
  • Dissolved hydrogen > 1550 ppb
  • Tender hydrogen water
  • Strong hydrogen water
  • Purified water
  • Ozone water for sterilization
  • Automated Cleaning for long life span
  • Flow rate control for optimum hydrogen generation
  • LCD panel
  • Setting Mode

Cleaning of platinum plates to ensure continuous supply of clean hydrogen water. Clean at least once every two days.

Setting mode for voice volume adjustment, water flow rate and pH setting.

Tender hydrogen water for normal drinking.
Molecular hydrogen concentration ≈1,000 – 1200 ppm 

Strong hydrogen water for cooking, soaking vegetables/fruits/grains etc.
Molecular hydrogen concentration ≈1,200 – 1500 ppm 

Ozone water for sanitizing effect. Wash face, clean wounds, sanitizing food. 

Clean pure water for general washing and cooking. Continue usage of pure purified water after hydrogen water is disabled for filters replacement.



Hydrogen Concentration :  ~1500 ppb*


Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) : negative (-) 700 mV*


pH : 7.5 – 9.5*

*Depend on water source and temperature


       HIZEN3+ Molecular Hydrogen concentration

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Purifying filter voltage / frequency :
AC220V, 60Hz 150VA
Weight : 5kg
Power consumption : 150VA


Utilising 3 advanced filters system
to achieve the highest quality of drinking water.

Kuraray activated carbon, world famous and finest activated carbon.

Most advance activated carbon to remove musty smell, trihalomethanes and other harmful chemical substances.

Resistant to deterioration for long lasting usage.

Automatic cleansing to ensure clean and quality water all the time. Protect the electrolytic cells from wear and tear. Measure filter usage and life span.

High hydrogen mode for cooking. Can continue to use Purified water  (without H2) once filter life span expired.

Equipped with advanced SMPS system that reduces heat, noise and weight. It prevent overheating and keep the electrical system cool and thus extending its life span up to 30 years or more.